6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes Today

#1 Expensive

They are not only expensive to purchase, but the government taxes are getting higher each year. This is happening in several states in the U.S. at the moment like New Jersey, Vermont and Connecticut amongst other states. Even some tobacco-growing states are beginning to milk smokers for their money. Congress reasons that there is evidence that price increases cause smoker to reduce consumption of tobacco. This is done in efforts to throttle the already astronomical medical costs of treating smoking related illnesses in the U.S which is a huge burden to the states.

#2 Germs

Research suggests that cigarettes are absolutely crawling with germ that end up in your lungs when you inhale the smoke of your cigarette. It’s not very clear what these germs cause, but it’s definitely a repulsive thought.

#3 Smell

When you have been a smoker for quite some time, you start to lose your sense of smell. This may not be such a good thing as you won’t be able to notice how awful tobacco smells to other people when it’s in your breath or on your clothes.

#4 Impotence

Another unwanted side effect that smoking causes is impotence in men and lack of arousal in women. So it really cramps your style in the bedroom, which could be rather frustrating.

#5 Animal Testing

In case you didn’t know, smoking-related cancer researchers have long used animal test subjects to study the effects of long term exposure to harmful tobacco smoke on mammals. Antivivisection continues to use animal subjects today for these tests. By quitting smoking, you will sever yourself from this long history of animal testing for research.

#6 Better Sleep

Did you know that smokers are much more likely to feeling still tired after a night’s sleep? According to Johns Hopkins research, when your body goes through nicotine withdrawal symptoms each night, this can contribute to not getting the proper sleep that you so much need.

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